The Twelve Days of Christmas, JoeShade Style

Enjoy our rendition of the holiday classic "The Twelve Days of Christmas"!

Oprah’s Favorite Things Should Include the JoeShade Umbrella!

Most people in America are aware of the famous Oprah's Favorite Things Show. Everyone waits all year to see what Oprah and her staff have researched, discovered, and unearthed as the next best thing to put on our holiday lists. We think the JoeShade umbrella is another great product that should make Oprah's list!

Don’t Be Like the British: Know How to Stay Protected from Harmful UV Rays

When you think of the British, what comes to mind? Afternoon tea, the Royal Family, and soccer top the list or come close. One thing that may not have come to mind is that British people have difficulty recognizing when the sun is strong enough to give a sunburn.

What the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Our Portable Umbrellas Have in Common

College football fans are abuzz about the Notre Dame Fighting Irish playing for a national championship in January. The “blue and gold”, as they’re affectionately known, usually sport dark blue jerseys at their home games, although they have been known […]

Stay cool in the shade of a portable JoeShade umbrella

Thinking Back On A Summer in the Sun with My JoeShade Umbrella

The way I see it, when it's cold outside the best way to stay warm is to think about warm memories. And when I think of warm memories, I think of this past summer and all the time I spent in the sun at the beach with my JoeShade umbrella.

JoeShade Partners with the Melanoma Research Foundation to Prevent Deadly Skin Cancer by Promoting Sun Protection

JoeShade® is pleased to announce its partnership with the Melanoma Research Foundation (MRF) to prevent melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer, by encouraging consumers to shade themselves from the sun with material resistant to UV rays.

JoeShade, a company […]