Baseball Bat Rules Have Changed – Do You Know The Rules?

Written by E Kennedy on April 15, 2011

Getting ready for baseball season at our house means going through the usual yearly checklist.  Let’s see, is the back of my SUV clean from Christmas clutter? Check.  Big cooler washed out and ready for another season? Check. Got sunscreen, bag chairs, portable baseball umbrella, hot dogs in frig, charcoal for the grill? Check, check, check!

Now on to the kids list. Uniforms, sliding shorts, cap and cleats? Check. Baseball bag, socks, gum and a couple of baseball bats? Whoa, let’s hold it right here Folks!

As parents, something that always comes to mind when we’re preparing our children for baseball season is: “what’s the right baseball bat for my child?”  Writer for, Steve Kallas, blogs about a few very important guidelines.

“Much has changed in the landscape of baseball bats for the 2011 season.”  In late 2010, Little League placed a moratorium on composite bats, with only a few exceptions.  If you’re buying a new bat, be very careful, the rules have changed for this year and will change for 2012 as well. There’s a huge difference between bats … they’re definitely not all the same! But before I take you ’round the bases let’s review some terms:

  • BESR (Ball Exit Speed Ratio): Measures the speed of the ball of a bat
  • BBCOR (Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution): New standard for the NCAA college baseball for 2011 season. Will be standard in 2012 for high school teams.  BBCOR is the closest to wood in terms of “pop” off the bat and much safer.
  • ABI (Accelerated Break In): Bats with woven graphite wall and get stronger even more when put into good use. Know this abbreviation to meet the regulated standards for aluminum bats.
  • BPF (Bat Performance Factor): Only applies to the little league age group (13 and under), must be 1.15 to meet the standards

Kallas mainly advices parents to choose bats wisely, realizing that metal bats are dangerous and will no longer be allowed after 2012. Be aware of bat sales and remember before you purchase, resist the little overachiever “can’t pass up this great sale” child within you!

Now, having summed up the new bat rules and advised you appropriately, let’s get back to packing my SUV and enjoying a day at the ball game. Sunflower seeds? Check. JoeShade portable baseball umbrella? Check. Iced tea? Check. For more baseball highlights please visit us at