JoeShade portable umbrella

“Stay Cool” with JoeShade®! $69.95 – FREE shipping

JoeShade® - Portable UV Sun Shade Umbrella

JoeShade® is the original lightweight, portable UV shade umbrella! It stands freely in place, providing UV shade protection wherever you go from the sun and heat. Our shade umbrella sets up quickly on a tripod stand and stores easily in its matching carrying bag. With your JoeShade umbrella, you can keep your cool and stay protected from UV rays, or you can stay dry and wait for the clouds to roll on by. Order your JoeShade UV shade umbrella now!

Perfect for:

Features include:

  • Available in BLUE, GREEN or RED!
  • Special Fabric Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Tilt Function Allows for Protection From Multiple Angles
  • Wind Vents, Broader Base and Stakes for Increased Stability
  • Adjusts from 3 ft. Low to 8 ft. High for Maximum Shade
  • Generous Umbrella Size Measures 60″ in Diameter

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