Protection From 4 Skin Cancer Myths

Written by Dave Shober on February 22, 2015

Protection From 4 Skin Cancer Myths With A Portable Sun Shade Umbrella

Sun shade and sunscreen should be your friends in the sun!

Stay cool and shaded in the sun!

After people learn of a medical horror story it’s common for people to say, “Oh it will never happen to me!” People have this same attitude when it comes to getting skin cancer, including melanoma. When people brush off these health concerns, myths develop. It’s time to debunk four common myths about skin cancer.

“It’s just skin cancer.”

People think skin cancer isn’t a “bad” or serious cancer and that skin cancer can just be burned or cut off. There is some truth to this but it must be known that all cancers are serious and people must understand this. Often, it goes along with the misconception that all skin cancers are the same. This is certainly not true as there are three different types of skin cancer. Melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer is on the rise, especially for 20-somethings age group, based on all the time spent in tanning beds.

Myth 1: “I’m not at risk for skin cancer”

It’s crazy to think that if you step outside your house without putting on sunscreen, you are at risk for skin cancer, but it’s true. Of course, everyone has different risks for getting skin cancer. A very common myth is that people with darker skin are at no risk for skin cancer must be debunked. People with fair skin and those who get bad sunburns should be the most careful. A brief and intense time of sun exposure can be harmful to the skin.

Myth 2: “I don’t have moles, so I’m not at risk of skin cancer.”

Moles are not the only indicator for skin cancer. People with a lot of moles are at a higher risk for skin cancer. It’s important to pay attention to any changes in your skin. You can lessen your exposure by taking a break under a portable umbrella with a tripod stand. 

Myth 3:  “I don’t sunbathe. I use tanning beds, so my risk is lower.”

Both sunbathing and tanning beds affect the skin negatively. Ultraviolet rays are harmful skin rays that cause skin damage. It’s best to stay away from sunbathing and the tanning booth. Whenever you’re outside, reapply sunscreen every hour and a half and cover up any skin that’s exposed to the sun. Using a portable shade umbrella with a tripod stand is another great way to lower your risk of skin cancer because it’s also a UV blocking umbrella.

If you hear any of your peers or family members mention the above myths, make sure to explain the facts and help them lower their risk of skin aging and damage!