Does Speedy Gonzales Have A Baseball Secret?

Written by E Kennedy on April 18, 2011

Was Speedy Gonzales born really fast or did this famous Looney Tunes cartoon character have a baseball secret?  As “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” his major trait was running extremely fast and speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent. He was a pro at outwitting neighborhood cats hanging around the backstop.  But was Speedy born this way or did he have a little help from a professional speed clinic?


Today’s aspiring little league baseball players need to have the umbrella five tools of baseball in order to advance to higher levels.  You may be able to hit and scoop the ball, but if you’re slow … well, slow and baseball just don’t mix! But wait … before you hang up your jersey take some advice from Speedy and get yourself some speed and agility training.

Over the years, a lot of research has gone into understanding this subject.  In fact, according to Baseball Conditioning Exercises Blog, “your musculoskeletal and nervous systems must be able to coordinate.  The brain needs to adapt to controlling the movement more effectively while the muscles contract rapidly.”

In order to sync up your brain with your body experts have developed speed training exercises, once used exclusively by professional athletes. Speed training is a gradual process of workouts that are beneficial for every athlete.  It builds your muscles for mobility and agility, and helps your nerves with coordination.  The seven step process can help any athlete speed things up!

  1. Basic training will help your body build up a stronger foundation.
  2. Strength training focusing on resistance should start with medium and build to heavy.
  3. Rapid movements can be developed with ballastics training.
  4. Include Plyometrics exercise to help improve explosive moves.
  5. Improve sprinting form to lengthen your leg muscles and ability to maintain speed.
  6. Daily running workouts improve speed weakness.
  7. Baseball speed training using a methodical approach will give you best results.

In addition the training plan like the one listed above, you’ll need to be determined, optimistic, and committed to your exercise regimen.  It’s important to set goals that are reasonable and measure your performance to see improvements over time.  Plan your program with a coach or assistant to help keep you focused and motived.  And remember, enjoy the game, stay cool and protected from harmful UV rays with JoeShade baseball umbrella.  “¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba!