Infield Drills Better Prepare You For Coming Baseball Season

Written by E Kennedy on April 13, 2011

Whether you are a 12″ or 16″ softball or baseball infielder, you must learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls until near perfect every time.  We ran across this helpful video by Coach Josh Peabody that may help you attain your goals.  He explains how conditioning, preparation, and repetition are the keys to getting your skills in game shape.  Specifically, he discusses two steps in the infielder drill process.  First he explains preparing to get to where the ball is hit and next he talks about fielding the ball once it gets to you.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and see how Coach tells you to keep the ball in front of you and in the middle of your body. You must start in a low position and stay low.  This positions your body for the next step, throwing the ball accurately.  An accurate throw can be critical for getting your opponent out at first base.  This requires your body be in proper position and balanced, your feet in alignment with your body so you can steady yourself for an accurate throw.  Also, keeping on your toes is important to reacting quickly.

These principles are universal whether you are a pee-wee, little league, semi-pro or professional baseball player.  During baseball season you will see the real fielding stars of the game execute their technique almost effortlessly and routinely like clockwork.

Understanding the fundamentals of the game and dedicated practice coupled with the love of the game should make whatever level you play at more enjoyable.  Enjoy your game and the sun filled summer days ahead of us and always, always stay protected out in the sun with JoeShade baseball umbrella.  Learn a vital step to protect your family and friends from harmful UV rays in the sunshine at