How Not To Get Roasted On Your Next Camping Trip

Written by E Kennedy on June 4, 2011

566182139_96a43c14fc_mCamping can be a lot of fun! Some families take annual camping trips as a way to reconnect with grandparents, cousins, friends, and the occasional poison ivy!

Some of my favorite camping trips includes Yellowstone, the Alaskan Wilderness, and Yosemite National Park. There are so many places in the great United States to camp that I’ve often thought about putting together my very own camping Top 10 list.  But in the meantime, I’m still recouperating from an embarrassing heat stroke incident that left me a bit dizzy and weak. In fact, once I recover and get back to my usual “chipper” camping self, I’ll get back to making my list.

Anyway, experiencing heat stroke brings up something all campers should be aware of. Heat stroke is no joke! It’s important to stay hydrated throughout the day. Period! Trade in that can of Pepsi for good ole’ water and follow these simple steps from this camping umbrella article we found at

  1. Make sure you camp site has an adequate water source
  2. Forget that can of soda pop! Caffine causes dehydration. Bring sports drinks with electrolytes (i.e. Gatorade, Powerade, and Vitamin Water)
  3. Don’t bring alcohol, especially if your trip includes a celebration
  4. If you decide to bring soda and alcohol, double your daily intake of water that day. Eight glasses is the minimum requirement, but when in the great outdoors, drink about ten to twelve glasses of fresh water.
  5. Wear light layered clothing. About the heaviest outerwear should be a fleece sweater and light jacket.

Drinking flavored water has got me refreshed and back to camping! But did I mention I had to get intravenously hydrated at the hospital?  Oh, remind me to tell you the details next time!  Now I can get back to working on my list. Let’s see, the next camping ground has a picnic spot with limited shade, guess that means it’s time to pack my JoeShade camping umbrella. JoeShade sports umbrella is a quick and easy set up for UV protection. Cuz everyone knows it’s ten degrees cooler in the shade!