The 6 Essentials for Successful Tailgating

Written by T. McDonough on January 23, 2013

“How to have the perfect party under your sun shade umbrella!”

How to have the perfect party under your sun shade umbrella!

A portable sun shade umbrella is a lifesaver for when someone needs time to cool off from that blazing heat!

Ok folks, can I confess that I consider myself a bit of a tailgating expert? Being a sports enthusiast has given me first-hand experience! I can now say that I’ve been to my fair share of baseball and football games, and I’m sure that you can agree with me that a good part of the fun in going to a sports game is in getting out the grill, opening up the cooler and my portable umbrella, and enjoying pre-game with friends. But a lot more goes into just heading out the door with some food and tailgating accessories! Every tailgater whose been around long enough will tell you that the key to staying happy and enjoying your tailgating party is preparation. Take it from me, these tips will have you ready to party in no time!

1. The Perfect Grill to Keep the Food Hot Under the Shade

Don’t you always love walking into the sports arena parking lot and inhaling the scent of meat on the grill? In my mind there’s nothing better than staking out your spot, getting everything organized and lighting the grill so you can throw a few juicy burgers on the fire. Ok, this visual is making my mouth water… but back to reality! Without the grill your tailgating party is not going to be a true tailgating experience! Sandwiches and fruit salad just don’t compare to a hearty burger or hotdog that’s been taken straight off the grill. So make sure you remember to bring a grill to the game- and not just any grill: a grill that will be able to cook for a group! Don’t forget your charcoal and lighter fluid to get your grill nice and hot.

2. Meat for the Grill

If there’s one memory that I always take away from a good tailgating experience it’s the meat that was cooked. Having a delicious burger, or a mouthwatering hot dog is what really makes a tailgating party so fun. Some people like adding brats and ribs! Really, there’s no way to go wrong with all the different meat choices that are out there, the only thing that could go bad is not having enough of the meat you want on game day. To avoid this make it easy on yourself and reserve everything you need at your grocery store’s meat counter. Also, this is not the item to skimp on! Make sure you buy plenty to feed your friends, and if you’re a true pro, to share with your neighboring tailgaters!  When you finally have those char-babies on the grill, take a break under your sun shade umbrella, and you’ll feel like a pro!

3. A Cooler with Ice Will Keep Drinks Cool Under Your Sports Umbrella

I think we all have been to a sporting event in the extreme heat and although a UV protected umbrella can definitely help, there are times when all you really need is a thirst quenching drink! But any old drink isn’t going to hit the spot. Your going to want your drinks to be icy cold on those 90 degree days. Make sure you pack your cooler so you can be cool enough to root, root, root for the home team!

4. Games to Play

After that food coma wears off your friends and you will be itching for something to do in those couple hours before the game. To keep the party going, make sure to bring a frisbee to pass around, or a game like Bags, which can easily fit under your portable umbrella, and is fun for the whole group! Games will allow you to work off any of that food coma, and will get you back in the mood to go cheer on your team.

5. Music to Rock out to

What’s a party without some music?  While hanging with friends and enjoying the day, you’re going to want some music to pump you up before the big game. Hard rock and country are always great for enjoying America’s favorite pastime! Just throw the IPod player in the car, and have your playlist ready to rock to. Feeling retro? Pump up the volume on that old boom box that you have stored in the garage! As long as there’s music you’ll keep the party rocking!

6. Sun Shade Umbrella

Have you ever been to a tailgating party and wanted sit under some shade? From my experience there’s nothing worse than tailgating with no way to stay cool off from the sun! A portable sun shade umbrella is going to be a lifesaver for when someone needs time to cool off from that blazing heat that comes with baseball season! So make sure to bring your JoeShade portable umbrella. It’s easy to set up, and can adjust to shade your friends too!

Now that I’ve shared some of my essential tailgating tips, let us hear from YOU! What makes your tailgating party fun?

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