Air Bud’s Seventh Inning Fetch

Written by M. Granahan on February 10, 2013

Stay Cool with a Water Bowl Under a JoeShade Portable Baseball Umbrella

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You too can be a star athlete by doing like Air Bud does – staying hydrated by drinking water throughout the day, and taking frequent breaks by heading to the sidelines to lounge under a JoeShade portable baseball umbrella!

Nothing screams a childhood baseball game more than when the other team hits the ball into the outfield and your neighbors dog runs by and snatches it away. Not only does this let the other team get that home run, but it also completely ends the game. What if you were lucky enough to have your dog as part of the game without chewing apart the whole baseball, knocking over your portable baseball umbrella, and the lemonade stand on the sideline? Sounds crazy huh? But the dog in this film, Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch, is just the right player for the major leagues. This movie is great for the family to watch, and don’t forget to invite your dog! The Air Bud movies are about an athletic dog that is a great teammate and always plays well with his team.

Air Bud’s Steps Up to Become a Pro Athlete, Starting with a JoeShade Umbrella

In this movie people start to investigate Air Bud’s genes through kidnapping his puppies to examine what makes him such a pro athlete. Is it so hard to believe that a dog can be good at sports? SHEESH! In all honestly, Air Bud is just a dog who knows how to stay healthy. Through investigation we have found that Air Bud actually does have a workout routine to keep his stud doggy physique and shiny golden locks. If you and your dog follow these specific tips, you too can be a star athlete as well!  We found that Air Bud always stays hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. He takes frequent breaks and heads to the sidelines to lounge under a JoeShade portable baseball umbrella, because it can get pretty hot with a golden coat on in the summertime. This is important to prevent heat stroke and skin protection from the harmful UV sun rays (for the humans).

Staying fit is key! Air Bud eats a balanced diet with 1 cup of dog food, an occasional steak on the side and eggs to keep his coat shiny and soft. Air Bud ALWAYS says no to chocolate, because the delicious taste is not worth getting sick over, and lets be honest, it goes straight to the hips! Two walks a day are a must and sometimes even heading to the park to get in a run are his best training tactics to prepare before games. If you follow Air Bud’s foolproof steps by staying hydrated, eating right, exercising, and remembering to bring your JoeShade baseball umbrella to practice, you will be a pro athlete in no time! Woof! Woof!

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