Portable Shade Umbrellas Protects You Like Angels in the Outfield

Written by M. Granahan on February 1, 2013

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get a little extra help from a guardian angel when you are at the grocery store, during work, or even while watching your favorite baseball team on the sideline under your portable baseball umbrella?

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JoeShade baseball umbrellas cover what the Angels in the Outfield can’t!

In Angels in the Outfield we see this idea come to life before our very eyes. This is a great film based on a baseball team who, to say the least, just can’t get it together. Their team is the California Angels and they have quite a streak going, a LOSING streak that is!  With little hope from the fans and no hope from the team all faith is lost. They even have chants that express their loss of hope such as Mapel’s, “We do it all summer, And it’s a big bummer, No matter who we play, We give the game away. ‘Cause we can’t win, That would be a sin, We even lose the games, before they begin…” With this kind of spirit, or lack there of, this team is in need of a miracle and a miracle is what they got! In this film we see how angels come down to the field to help the California Angels start to play baseball like champions.

What Portable Baseball Umbrellas and Angels and the Outfield have in common:

Movies such as these are great movies to watch with the family. Angels in the outfield gives the hope and faith in yourself and the help of others. For parents this idea of protecting others, especially your little ones is, number one on your list. Baseball games take place in the summer and let’s face it, everyone wants to take advantage of summer vacation. Just be sure not to let the sun take advantage of your skin! Remember when it comes to the sun, we can’t all rely on angels to protect us.

UV Baseball Umbrellas Cover what the Angels Can’t:

It is important to stay protected when the sun is out.  Even those watching the California Angels stay protected, Danny Hemmerling: “I guess no matter how many times you hear that song played in a Major League stadium, on a warm afternoon, it’s still emotionally evocative.” George Knox: “Drop dead. I got sunscreen in my eye.”  Now we know what a pain sunscreen can be when you are sweating and the lotion gets in your eye, but that is why it is mostly important to keep cool under a portable umbrella.  The angels may not be able to keep you safe from the sun but a JoeShade UV baseball umbrella definitely has all the bases covered.  Not only will you be able to keep cool on the overheating days in the summer, but you will also be completely protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  So before you leave to cheer on your favorite team, whether winners, losers, or winners with some extra help, don’t forget the sunscreen and your portable baseball umbrella.

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