5 Unexpected Things That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

Written by N. Melo on July 11, 2014

UV Blocking Umbrella Will Protect Your Skin

I’m going to let you in on a little secret, well, actually 5 little secrets about what contributes to skin damage.  Some of the things on the list are going to surprise you; they did for me when I found out!  Who knew that some of the most unexpected things can be damaging to our skin?  Well, prepare yourself, here’s the list.

1.  Milk Linked to Acne

Please tell me this one surprised you as much as it did me!  Milk, really? Ever since I was little my mom encouraged me to drink milk to build strong bones.  Little did I know that drinking milk was linked to acne!UV Protection Umbrella Better Than Milk Keeping Skin Safe

Recent studies by Dr. Schlessinger and Dr. Adrienne Haughton of SUNY Stony Brook’s Department of Dermatology showed that “although there isn’t sufficient evidence that milk directly affects acne, there have been reports of patients having clearer skin after decreasing milk consumption.”  So, the food that brings us health and nutrition could actually be bringing us acne as well!  Would you cut down on milk to prevent acne?

2.  Jeans

Jeans are my favorite clothing item to wear.  They are stylish and yet casual and end up being the perfect pants for many occasions. When I found out that jeans can damage my skin I was shocked.  Specifically, it’s the nickel on the snaps and pant buttons for concern.  With some people it can cause severe skin rashes.

3.  Limes

Sadly, one of my favorite green fruits is on this list too!  I can’t imagine spending a summer without refreshing myself with limeades after an afternoon in the sun. Little did I know that this tasty fruit could cause a rash called phytophotodermatitis that can last for weeks and even months! This can happen when the lime juice splashes on to a part of the body and later gets exposed to the sun.  It’s best to wash your hands after eating or drinking anything with limes and avoid direct sun rays by using a UV protection umbrella.

4.  Laptops

Have you ever spent time with your laptop reclining on your bed?  I think we all have from time to time.  If you’re like me and work on your computer with it propped up on your lap, think again!  Laptops extract infrared radiation that causes coloring of the skin. The colors can range from reddish-purple to brown after repeated exposure.

5.  Sun Rays

We all know that sun rays can cause skin damage when we experience a sunburn.  Too much exposure from the sun’s harmful UV rays can increase your risk of age spots, photosensitivity, moles, wrinkles, skin cancer, and melanoma later in  life.  However, these skin conditions can be avoided when you take precaution with UV blocking lotion and shading yourself under a UV protection umbrella.

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