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7 Tips for New Little League Baseball Parents

A child's first little league season is an exciting time for both you and your child, but it can be challenging too. Start off on the right foot and you will all have a great time. Here are 7 tips that new little parents should follow.

Air Bud’s Seventh Inning Fetch

If you follow Air Bud's foolproof steps by staying hydrated, eating right, exercising, and remembering to bring your JoeShade baseball umbrella to practice, you will be a pro athlete in no time! Woof! Woof!

Baseball Players Are Sporting Tighter Pant These Days, And for Good Reasons!

I’m guessing that we all can appreciate that today’s pros have decided to ditch those drab and droopy pants. However, that doesn’t stop me from wondering what the deal is with those tight pants as I’m sitting out under my baseball shade umbrella at the game, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! So let’s take a look at whats made players suit up into a tighter uniform!

Why Baseball Players Need to Knock Chewing Tobacco Out of the Park

We’ve come a long way in how we view baseball in terms of safety, such as portable baseball umbrellas for fans who want to catch a break from the dangerous UV rays on the sidelines. So how come the pros still use chewing tobacco?

Why Do Baseball Players Use Wooden Bats?

It’s one of those great afternoons that you got tickets to the ball game. After you’ve finished your tailgating party and closed up your baseball umbrella, you may be sitting down in your stadium seats ready to watch […]

8 Tips for First-Time RV Tailgating at the Daytona 500

If you’re an RV enthusiast heading to your first auto race, and plan on tailgating, here are some tips on how to throw a great tailgating party for your family and friends.

Don’t Look Like a Rookie Of The Year – Get Your Portable Shade Umbrella For This Season

We have all heard what the sun’s damage to our skin can lead to, so protect your skin in a few different ways. Use sunscreen, a baseball cap, and stay cool under a portable shade umbrella. If you do all of these things on the field you will be “SAFE!” all the way to home base!

Super Bowl 2013 Will Be Hot But Stay Cool Under A Portable Sports Umbrella

What does a sports umbrella and the biggest game in football have in common? They both have fans all over the country, and are looking out for fans by giving them a great place to watch the game from!

Portable Shade Umbrellas Protects You Like Angels in the Outfield

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all get a little extra help from a guardian angel when you are at the grocery store, during work, or even while watching your favorite baseball team on the sideline under your portable baseball umbrella?

Why Do Baseball Players Wear Their Hats Backwards?

Baseball has been around for a long time, and with it have comes a lot of unexplained habits. For example, I bet while you’ve been sitting under your sports umbrella watching a baseball game you’ve asked yourself the question “why do baseball players wear their hats backwards?”