UV blocking umbrella, portable umbrella with tripod stand

Tanning Beds Are Not Healthy: Use A Portable UV Blocking Umbrella

There's no doubt that sunlamps and tanning beds are two way that can get one a dark tan you're striving for. However, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made a big statement concerning these tanning products.

Don’t Forget About Your Eyes!

If you're just learning about UV rays, chances are good you might not yet have the whole picture. Hopefully you've learned that while light exposure to UV rays for fifteen minutes a day can be good for your health, harmful levels of overexposure to UV rays can easily damage your body.

UV blocking umbrella, UV protection umbrella

Don’t Forget Your UV Blocking Umbrella And Other Natural Sunburn Remedies

Don't worry, we've all been through it before! We forget to pack our portable UV blocking umbrella and protect our skin from the damaging rays of the sun and end up with a stinging sunburn.

portable umbrella with tripod stand

Latest Research: Sunscreen and UV Blocking Umbrella Help Prevent Cancer

UV Blocking Umbrella Will Protect Your Skin You will not believe the results of this study two universities did about the fear of skin cancer.

Portable Umbrella

Portable Umbrella Keeps Families Cool This Summer!

JoeShade is the most awesome lightweight, portable umbrella! It stands on an easy to set up tripod stand, providing UV shade protection wherever you go.

UV Protection Umbrella Helps Keep Skin Safe

5 Unexpected Things That Could Be Damaging Your Skin

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, well, actually 5 little secrets about what contributes to skin damage.

Why Should I protect my Skin During Long Periods of Exposure to Direct Sunlight?

It's important to remember that while the current conversation about UV rays often focuses on the harmful effects it can have, there are beneficial effects as well.

UV Blocking Umbrella

Protect Your Skin Using a Portable UV Blocking Umbrella and Avoid Skin Cancer Like 5 Celebrities

You probably know about almost all of the celebrity gossip these days. Mila Kunis is pregnant, Justin Bieber got arrested, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married.

A Portable Shade Umbrella and 3 Other Items To Bring To Your Summer Beach Party

It's that time of year again! The weather is beautiful, school is out, and there are so many fun outdoor activities that one can do.

JoeShade UV Shade Umbrella Proves its Worth—Survives Tornado

JoeShade is proud to provide a portable sun shade umbrella that's not only incredibly versatile, but incredibly durable as well.