How Not To Get Roasted On Your Next Camping Trip

Camping can be a lot of fun! Some families take annual camping trips as a way to reconnect with grandparents, cousins, friends, and the occasional poison ivy!

Some of my favorite camping trips includes Yellowstone, the Alaskan Wilderness, and Yosemite […]

Baseball Umbrella Keeps Players Cool From Burnout

Both you and I have such busy and overwhelming lifestyles.  We can often overlook one of the most important components in our lives, our hardworking and dedicated little leaguers.  Often, my Type A personality motivates both myself and my […]

Soccer Umbrella Helps Keep Players Cool

So last night I was watching this intense soccer game between two notoriously rival teams.  I was glued to the television screen because the intensity of the game just kept escalating.  You know what that’s like, watching a game with […]

JoeShade Soccer Umbrella

9 Soccer Lessons From Super Mario Brothers

As you watch your children play Nintendo’s Mario Brothers on a hot summer afternoon, have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmmm, this video game is really teaching my children excellent soccer lessons”? I am thinking the answer is, umm no!   […]

Softball Pitcher Stays Cool

Is It Time For A Coaching Makeover Or An Updo?

Softball practices can be really boring, don't you think? I bet you know at least one coach, ahem maybe yours, that can benefit from some advice on how to improve pitching drills at softball practice. Perhaps this hits too close to home, right?

Does Speedy Gonzales Have A Baseball Secret?

Was Speedy Gonzales born really fast or did this famous Looney Tunes cartoon character have a baseball secret?  As “The Fastest Mouse in all Mexico” his major trait was running extremely fast and speaking with an exaggerated Mexican accent. He […]

Baseball Bat Rules Have Changed – Do You Know The Rules?

Getting ready for baseball season at our house means going through the usual yearly checklist.  Let’s see, is the back of my SUV clean from Christmas clutter? Check.  Big cooler washed out and ready for another season? Check. Got sunscreen, […]

Infield Drills Better Prepare You For Coming Baseball Season

Whether you are a 12″ or 16″ softball or baseball infielder, you must learn the fundamentals of fielding ground balls until near perfect every time.  We ran across this helpful video by Coach Josh Peabody that may help you attain […]

Get the Skinny on Sunscreens and Tanning

Many people enjoy spending time in the sun, but it can also cause harm.  The sun can cause skin cancer, sunburn, wrinkling, and skin aging.  Too much sun can even harm the body’s immune system.  You don’t need to get […]

Portable Sun Shade Umbrella Great Protection From Skin Cancer!

American families need to listen to the warnings from The Journal of the National Cancer Institute.  Skin cancer is on the rise, but that doesn’t mean the summer party is over!  We all love the sun: it’s bright, kids […]